Tranquilo - Paradise found in Costa Rica

The Punta Leona resort offers 24 hour security, several restaurants, private white sand beaches, canopy tours, miles of jungle hikes, butterfly farm, supermarket, boat dock area, restaurants, mini-golf, and a private chapel. There are four manned security gates to go through to get to Tranquilo. This is one of the most secure locations in Costa Rica, this resort complex is ideal for either a private residence or vacation rental. Located only 45 minutes from San Jose, the capital of Costa Rica, the location is easily accessed and extremely popular with Costa Ricans and tourists alike.

When the master plan for Tranquilo is complete, over 80% of the land will be undeveloped. The lush local landscape, and easy access to the best beach in Costa Rica, will be intact. There will never be any of the overcrowding and overbuilding that so often mars the landscape in tropical resorts.

Tranquilo is in the Altos area, the most desirable section of the Punta Leona resort. When the complex was first marketed there was a lot of interest by Costa Ricans. The Costa Rican economy is now doing well and these condos are priced for the local market. There is another complex (the “Golden Reef” complex) being built with similar units, they are priced at twice what Tranquilo Punta Leona units are priced at and the units are selling well. Costa Rica has a thriving middle class, the primary market for these units, so the company knows that the market is there.

Initially two buildings were sold out, with deposits in place. When construction was put on hold three years ago 100% of the deposits were refunded. Many of those initial buyers expressed an interest in buying again when the project was restarted. The developers have a good reputation in Costa Rica and plan on contacting those initial buyers, along with other interested buyers, once work on the project is restarted.